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Inspired by the form, colors, and textures of objects both artistic and common: architecture, paintings, fabrics in fashion. My work is based on emphasizing clarity and creating designs predominated by abstract motif and simple geometrical lines and shapes, but at same time emphasizing patterns and textures, making a balance of work in harmony together. My designs derive their values from the artistry, craftsmanship, imagination, personality, and spirit of their maker.

Born in Seoul Korea. Both of my parents greatly involved in fashion district profession in Seoul for over 30 years. My talents and creativeness originated from them, but originally could not see that until jumping into the jewellery field. So first started learning metalsmithing to make such items as a table, candle holder, mirror frame, etc. However, wanted to do more detailed, ornate, creative, stunning and pretty works of art.

Since 2006, challenging myself into the real world on being acknowledged as a great jewellery designer and artist both locally and internationally. The focus of my work for the future is the design and production of limited edition collections, detailing for unique pieces and fine wedding jewellery.

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