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Simple Pendant with cut out shapes.
Modern and clean looking, and perfect for everyday wear jewelry!

They are small and cute but not in light weight! They are all in a nice volume and weight


*Sterling Silver in Brush Finished
Ribbon Shape: Larger shape 12x7mm
                           Smaller shape 8x4.5
                            1.4mm thick

Cloud Shape:Larger shape 12x8mm, 1.7mm thick
                         Smaller one  7x5mm, 1.7mm thick         

Crown shape:Larger shape 17.5x15.3mm, 1.5mm thick
                         Smaller one  11.4x11mm, 1.5mm thick    


*Chain Sold seperately


Mix & Match Charms

PriceFrom C$20.00
Excluding GST/HST |
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